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We are thinking of purchasing a new build and the garden faces south east, based on this plot diagram would this be a sunny garden, thinking about afternoon/evening sun mainly, plot 79


  • SophieKSophieK Posts: 242
    I am not sure there is a question, but (if you have your back to the house) your garden would be sunny mostly at the back and on right hand side of the garden in the afternoon and evening. You will however miss the sunset as it disappears behind the house. The back of the house would get the morning sun though. There is plenty you will able to do in this garden.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,114
    Well now, assuming you're in the UK where the sun rises in the east, swings south and sets in the west, that the diagram has north at the top and that plot 79 is the one in question you will have a sunny garden for much of the year but, as @SophieK says, no sunset view for much of the year as the sun will go down behind number 80 but the front garden will get the sunset in the middle of the year.
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  • God I spent hours looking at persimmon homes I can tell its one by the map styling lol, I would go see the plot in person though, the size of the plots on new builds are small so even though this looks a big plot in comparison to the others, best to see in person to see if it is actually big enough for your needs. Personally I went with a 70s house and these tend to have bigger gardens than newer homes, good luck and enjoy whatever you decide though! 
  • Ah thank you! It’s not persimmon but I agree you can become a bit obsessed! We have a site visit planned but unfortunately it’s not very sunny at the moment 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,034
    The aspect alone isn't the only factor. Other houses/gardens/garages/trees etc all cause an impact on the amount of sun and shade. 
    My back garden faces south east, but I have no one to the south west/west of me, as I'm at the 'end'. However, there are very mature pines and woodland, so at this time of year, the sun isn't high enough to clear those. It's certainly sunny through the day during late spring and summer though, but the sun is only in a small corner by evening. 

    That other property at 97, has features which will impact you at 79  :)
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  • Ah thank you! It’s not persimmon but I agree you can become a bit obsessed! We have a site visit planned but unfortunately it’s not very sunny at the moment 
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    I agree with fairy girl too, depending on how high number 97 is your sunlight maybe limited in the garden from 1-2pm onwards until later in the evening especially when not in the summer months where the sun is higher in the sky. 
  • Looking at the plan and comparing all the purple houses I would say 83 has the biggest plot, 96 will be sunniest but most overlooked. 40 has a garden that looks slightly bigger than the plot (79) you are looking at with fewer properties looking into your rear garden. This is all relative to what they have actually built on site and whether there are all two-storey or if there are apartment blocks in the housing mix.
  • In the summer our southeast facing back garden gets sun from dawn until mid afternoon ... however, we are on the side of a hill (yes, even in Norfolk) and in the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, the house to the south of us, being higher up the hill,  shades us and we get very little sun in the garden at all.  After the winter equinox, as the sun rises higher in the sky, day by sunny day we watch the edge of the shadow move inexorably southwards until the whole of our garden is bathed in sunshine  again (the weather gods permitting) by late May.  

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    You are dependent on 97 not growing trees on your side of their garden.

    92, 97 or 40 look to be the interesting for garden sunshine to me. You control what happens. And somewhere will get sun at all hours.

    IMO 96 will shade itself too much through the core of the day.

    I think on 79 you will get a chink of both sunrise and sunset through the gaps.

    There are some software packages and websites around that let you model shadows and sunlight.

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