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Canna Bulbs Winter Storage



  • SophieKSophieK Wimbledon, LondonPosts: 54
    edited November 2020
    I have read so many conflicting advice and different ways to overwinter cannas, it's maddening. I planted mine directly in the ground late spring for the first time, and after getting frustrated and confused by youtube tutorials and various web site, I decided to follow a mix of Monty's advice and Hart Cannas' recommendations. I dug them up and kept them in the clump of soil, then bagged them individually in old compost bags and stored them in my unheated shed. I am keeping fingers crossed they won't rot. However, Monty and Hart Cannas both seem to agree that they should not fully dry out.
  • Keep them in growth. Even not in flower the leaves are fantastic, especially the purple and variegated varieties. Watch out for spider mites.
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