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Roses-unusual problem... i need less scent

I need  Standard Rose variety's with very low, or even better - no scent! due to a lung condition.

I already have 3 flowercarpet colours and i am fine with those, Super trouper has a mild almost orange scent and i can tolerate them. I have one olivia rose austin that i love but sadly, it is a definate 'cougher!!' so i dare not finish the row of standards that i dream of. My colour scheme around the olivia rose austine is pinks whites and purples. please help!!!!



  • like minds ! already looked at that one, its rather nice, i've spoke to david austine roses and they state that 'scent is a statement of their roses', the olivia rose austin is classed as low to med and i find it strong, so i am at a loss.
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    Iceberg (white) has no scent, The Fairy for a pale pink, Burgundy Iceberg for a purple/burgundy colour - the latter is fairly wimpy as a shrub but I have seen some good photos of it as a standard and think it might work well. Bonica as Omori suggests, look at floribundas from Kordes or Meilland as they are usually very disease-resistant at the expense of scent, perfect!
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    Bonica is sold by DA but isn't actually a DA rose, whereas Olivia is a DA bred rose. Olivia I would say has a medium fragrance to me. Nollie's suggestion of The Fairy is rated as having a poor fragrance, so that could be something to look at if you would like pink?

    This might be of use to you for the future, you can search for a rose and then click the tab for Member's Ratings and see a fragrance rating:
  • I grow Bonica ... I can confirm that it is almost scentless. It is incredibly healthy, great foliage , flowers and flowers all summer ... in fact it's still flowering.  

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  • I bought Rosa "Wild Eve' this summer and there's no scent that I can detect.

    Have you come across "The Allergy Fighting Garden" by Thomas Leo Ogren? It's an American book but there's a lot of information that predominantly covers issues allergies triggered by pollen but also looks at scent, which can be problematic for some. The author recommends roses that are fully-double and highly disease-resistant. Although his selections seem to be about low pollen, Rosa 'Olympiad' (red) is proposed as scentless.
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    As you want standard (tree) roses your selection may be a little more limited, but plenty on the forum buy from this Dutch supplier and their bare root roses are excellent, so I would expect their bare root standards to be good too. They have around 40 varieties they describe as ‘Not Fragrant’, but double check first, they actually mean ‘little or no fragrance’ - a few of these definitely have some fragrance:

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    I meant to say ... Rosa Bonica is available from David Austin as a Standard

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  • Thanks every bit helps :) I love looking at david autin roses, the funny thing is i nearly went for the bonica before i decided on the olivia, amusing! luckily the rose position is away from where i sit, an expensive mistake.
  • I have never used a forum before and it seems that i cannot answer to you all individually... I shall be looking at all links and the book, I like the iceberg rose already but didnt order after making a scent mistake ! Thank you everyone i have some direction.
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