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Hemp shiv alternatives?

WaysideWayside Posts: 801
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I'm looking at hemp crete as a building material.  The hemp is used as an aggregate with lime.  And is good for breathability and insulation.  All good stuff.

I don't really want to import materials if I can, so was wondering if there was a similar plant that I could grow onsite.  Or whether another shredded plant/wood would do the job.  This is for an outbuilding - so happy to experiment.

I frequently have buddleia cuttings, this is quite lightweight, probably airy in structure.  Also can get hold of hazel cuttings, and field maple.  I'm thinking about whether I have stuff that I could use that is harvested here - general cuttings.

I'd happily grow hemp given the room if a license wasn't required, but I'd probably be hard pushed for room!  Would be interested from those in the know if there is another alternative.

I could buy in some hemp shiv, but I'm looking to bulk it out.

It's a bit chicken and egg, hemp seems like such a marvellous building material, but I guess it will take time for it to catch on, and prices to fall, and for it to be grown closer to home.

But if you do know a hemp shiv producers in Sussex, Kent, or Hampshire do tell.


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