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Leggy bourgainvillea

I was given a small bourgainvillea in a pot during the summer.  I brought it indoors when the weather turned cold but it has almost doubled in height over the last couple of months and is very leggy.  Should I leave it alone until next spring, or can I trim now?


  • I only have experience of bougainvillea in warmer countries, but they are climbing plants. We had one which grew up and over our 3 metre wall. I never cut it back...sorry this doesn't answer your question really. I know it needs protecting from frost in UK. Perhaps better  kept in a cool conservatory to limit the growth?
  • Thanks, Grannybee.  I'm in Eastern France and the temperatures are due to drop to below freezing this week.  I'll try moving the plant into the garage for a while -  I don't want it to outstrip itself before the spring!!
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