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  • B3B3 Posts: 15,505
    We had a cat that that happened to. 
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 3,878
    Been with the same vet well over 20 years, well he has no emigrated, but same practice, he told me with our last dogs to make sure we used product that kills Lungworm, they had had cases, and by the time thedog had sympstoms it was too late to save them, they bled to death.Having had 2 terrible infestations, in houses, that were nothing to do with us, I trust him.  prevention is often better than cure, are we going to have some human antivaxers on here!!
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,902
    Four years ago, concerned about aquatic life, we opted to try a new leishmaniasis vaccine instead of a scalibor collar. The next day, our girl fell ill and was soon rushed to hospital with acute kidney failure. She hadn’t been out of our sight so we were absolutely sure she hadn’t eaten any poison. She was close to death and we were told to ‘prepare ourselves’. Fortunately she made a full recovery in time, after round-the-clock hospital care and then nursing and special diet at home. I am convinced it was a severe reaction to the vaccine. I am not in the least anti-vax but became wary of new, insufficiently tested vacs (human or animal) after that and now have a more ‘wait and see’ approach.
  • Encourage your neighbours to be keen gardeners and keep digging their plot. Leave your own garden untended. Cats really love freshly dug seed beds and borders.
  • I used Frontline on my previous dog having seen the devastating effect of flea allergy in a dog belonging to a friend and owning a dog who also had an allergy to flea bites, the dog reacts to the flea saliva apparently. Then I noticed my dog was really under the weather for 3/4 days each time I used the spot on treatment. I stopped using it and shortly afterwards it was revealed that Frontline was carcinagenic.
    My previuos vet put the fear of god into me trying to sell me very expensive flea spray to use around the house, in the car etc. She said I would be a carrier for fleas as well as the dog. The treatment had to be repeated regularly so would be very costly. I changed vets as every visit I would be "encouraged" to buy more products, special food etc.
    My dog and cat have an annual vaccination against parvo etc. and I use a different brand of spot on flea treatment on both of them. 
    Central heating has contributed to fleas in homes. They can go very long periods without needing a meal from a host and get into the fabric of houses where they breed.  
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