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Ground level question

I am in the process of putting a shed in place near a boundary. It will be 2.5m max height and less than 15m2 so within permitted development.

Having removed some large raised beds from our garden yesterday it seems that ground level behind the shed is lower than our side and the other neighbours.

Question is what constitutes ground height in this situation. My house is some distance so the shed will be nearer the neighbours on lower ground  -i read that the highest point is deemed ground level but I am not at all clear where original ground level is and I don't want to build what might appear to be higher from his perspective.



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,269
    It's always a tricky subject @andyfothF2QAmRq8, and nice that you're being considerate of neighbours - not everyone does that. 
    I think legally, your ground level is the relevant one, but it might be worth speaking to the neighbours if you can - difficult just now though. Is that a possibility for you?
    Otherwise, perhaps a call to your council might help.  :)
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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,015
    When we had our extension built the architect measured for the lowest point of the ground, so he walked down to the bottom of the garden to measure, bearing in mind our land is on a slope, drops away to about 30’ so we couldn’t have a tiled roof as the measurements were too high.  Bit ridiculous but that’s how it was. 
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