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Not a great yield on a 3yo Cherry 'Sunburst' this year

pinkskyinthecitypinkskyinthecity Nottinghamshire, England Posts: 40
Bought this last year at 4' tall with three short branches from J Parkers Wholesale. It cropped 10 cherries and they were so sweet. This year it didn't put on much growth and the yield was half the amount and were eaten by something (no birds in the garden as too many cats in the area) although, I didn't cover them this time. By late summer, some of the leaves yellowed and have been wondering if its infected or starved of nutrients. Can anyone advise, please? 


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,507
    It is still a young plant so don't get too ambitious for lush crops yet. Keep the ground clear underneath the tree to remove any competition for nutrients. A mulch of compost would be a good idea but keep it clear of the trunk.
    As for disappearing fruit well pigeons and blackbirds will have them in the blink of an eye. You might need to net the tree in future to get any of the crop for yourself.
  • pinkskyinthecitypinkskyinthecity Nottinghamshire, England Posts: 40
    About competition with any nearby plants - yes, plenty😖 It's grown amongst my flower bed that is packed to the gills with my perennials,annuals and shrubs.its not a good start, is it? I was so keen for this cherry that I had to plant it with the only space I had. I didn't think it would suit pot growing. It's grown in a dwarf colt rootstock.
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