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Spreading Blewits to Harvest for Next Autumn

I found some Blewits and have crumbled them into bits and spread them over the lawn. Some are a bit old, say a week old and I fear the spores are no longer viable for them "to set" in the grass and some are from yesterday. Will this work for me? 


  • Where fungal spores germinate and grow is entirely down to the conditions.  The mycelium of wood blewits grows within the leaf litter, so if you normally clear the fallen leaves from your lawnr, there'll be liitle if anything for them to feed on.  I've found them under hedges, so if your plan doesn't work, try sprinking some under any hedges you may have, or cover an area of ground with several inches of home-made compost mixed with fallen leaves and keep it weeded.  It may take a couple of year or more before you see any fruiting bodies as most of the action goes on in the mycelium.  Sod's law says you'll get entirely different fungi growing though!
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    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • Oh, so good of you to reply @pansyface - it's so technical fungi growing. I'll re-forage some next time with the leaf litter to go with it and spread it near the hedge (it'll stop it blowing away in the wind). Thanks!
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