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Attempting to Grow Ranunculus, again!

Bought 4 varieties from the lovely Farmer Gracey and have them currently in soak, and shall be potting them up in modules indoors. Can anyone give me any tips on achieving success, please? I've tried many times in the past, sadly, but they never came up. I heard that they need an overnight soak and keep them indoors for two weeks, is that right, I wonder? 


  • Bought some for the first time this year. Planted them a few weeks back. They've already started growing (in a pot). So we'll see how we'll they fare over winter 
  • Hi Ryan, 

    Are they growing outdoors? 
  • Bump :(
  • @pinkskyinthecity you can try tagging him by doing this @Ryan180680 - it will generate an email notification to him 
  • @pinkskyinthecity hey sorry only just seen this. Yes they're growing outside. Seem to be doing well so far
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,918
    They would only need to be inside in very cold areas, and that's only when they're really growing. 
    They would be better outside, and left to grow somewhere reasonably sheltered, and away from the worst of winter weather to avoid waterlogging. They'll rot if they're permanently soaked. They don't really need pre soaking unless you live somewhere very dry at this time of year - they'll absorb moisture from the growing medium they're planted in. 
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Thanks for your replies @Ryan180680Fairygirlcelcius_kkw

    My garden is very free draining so I'm not sure if they were eaten by mice? I'll take mine outside , thanks.

  • Just thought I'd share what mine is potted up in and where it is
  • I've tried a few times with these too - bought them as fully grown plants once and they promptly died when I planted them.  I've planted them from corms(?) and they always seem to start out growing ok and I think I've managed one teeny flower in the past.  I actually have one coming up now that I must have planted last Winter, but I don't expect it to make it to flowering!  They just seem so fragile compared to the other spring growing plants, I don't really understand how they can support themselves, but what do I know! (not much!)
  • Well, I've started mine indoors on 12 Nov and just noticed one variety, R. Elegance 'Viola'; 'Picotee Cafe" and 'Bianco Smufato' have come up.My Anenome Galilee Pastel Mixed also planted indoors are now 3" tall. I'll have to harden them off, before I put them in my plastic greenhouse. 
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