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smoke bush

when's the best time to move a smoke bush? i wanted to move it by my conifer hedge, would it be ok there?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081
    I doubt that being beside a conifer hedge will be very good for it , unless you can make sure there's enough moisture to establish it, and for it to thrive. They  need a reasonable amount of light/sun to do well too. 
    It's certainly a suitable time to move it though, as @philippasmith2 says.  :)
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  • Attached is the smoke Bush.  Its been in the ground almost 3 years. Shall I prune it before I move it?
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,136
    If you move it now, or soon, it will have plenty of time for its roots to get established before they need to send up all the energy for new shoots and then the flowers so I would only prune it to even up the shape if needed or else reduce size a bit to make it easier to dig out and carry to its new location.

    Make sure you get as much of the root ball as possible to minimise root disturbance and that the new planting hole is ready for it and that you water well after re-planting.  Scattering some bonemeal in the planting hole and working some into the soil will help feed the roots.  Adding a mulch of well-rotted harden compost or manure will help add nutrients too and encourage beneficial soil micro-organisms which improve the plant's ability to take up nutrients.

    In spring, when you see signs of new growth, give it a generous dollop of something like pelleted chicken manure and then prune out any dead, damaged or diseased stems or shoots.   Keep it watered in hot, dry spells next spring and summer.

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