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Help with eradicating weed

I unfortunately have this grass weed (not sure what it’s called) growing in my bed (first photo) and it has completely taken over. I have tried to dig it out this afternoon (second photo). It’s roots are quite deep. I don’t want it to come up next year, is there anything I should do before replanting to permanently get rid of it? I’m not sure if I should have sprayed it with weed killer and then dug it out a few weeks later. Any advice is appreciated!


  • B3B3 Posts: 26,422
    It's quite a small bed. If it was mine, I'd plant it up and pull out the grass as and when it appeared. You'll probably have more than a few bluebells to get rid of too.
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  • Hard to see detail.
    Could it be leaves of young bluebell all over the bed rather than grass?
    Bluebell grow very deep and are almost impossible to kill.
    You could cover the bed with black plastic for a few years....hidden under bark mulch that should kill most weeds.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Thank you for the comments. Here is a better shot. I’m happy with the blue bells. Just not with all the grass growing through at the back. I will try some of these suggestions. Thanks.
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