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Long reach tree pruner needed

Could anyone recommend a long reach tree pruner for over hanging branches please? tia


  • Mine came from Lidl and cost very little - they had two sorts and I bought the more expensive one, to replace an ancient specimen I'd inherited from my dad.  The one I chose had its mechanism for closing the cutting jaws, hidden inside the extendable handle; the old one had a lever and cord on the outside, and kept getting caught in neighbouring branches when I was manoeuvring it.

    I think the nearest to it that I can find in style (but three or four times the price!) is this one:

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  • B3B3 Posts: 25,189
    I have the friskars one. It works well and the orange bit is really useful so that you can see what you're doing. The biggest branch I chopped was about an inch in diameter. I haven't tried anything bigger in case I broke it. Remember to keep out of the way of falling branches😉
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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,032
    I use a Wolf pruning saw on a long reach, extending pole handle.
  • KT53 said:
    I use a Wolf pruning saw on a long reach, extending pole handle.
    I have the same, I also have the Anvil Lopper attachment, maybe not the cheapest but has worked well for many years, & both my Sons in Law borrow it annually to use in their gardens as well so it gets well used.
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  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 849
    @Allotment Boy I am currently looking at the Wolf model with saw and anvil attachment. Is yours the ratchet type? if so can you used it on thick and thin branches? and would you say the Wolf system is lightweight? many thanks
  • It's not the ratchet type but it uses a set of pulleys which gives the power you need, but as with all there are limitations.  This is why it's best to have a saw as well for the thicker branches.  It is quite light but remember the leverage effect.  If you have the pole on full extension the head will feel heavier.  I have an old tool belt that I can use  in the same way as a flag bearer uses a strap to support it at the bottom, when I am using it at full length. 
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  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,107
    Mine is the Fiskars one, I think, or looks very much like it. It's utterly brilliant, cuts much thicker branches than I expected with ease (probably not more than about 1.5"). The best thing on mine is there are three options to close the blades - a pull down handle, a cord, and an internal cord accessed from the very end of the handle. 
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  • ErgatesErgates Posts: 2,184
    I’ve got a Fiskars UPX86, cost about £99. It’s terrific, cuts smallish branches with ease.
  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 849
    Thanks everyone, after much deliberation @Ergates, @LG_ , @B3. I have ordered the Fiskars UPX86. Looking forward to it. ;)
  • Iain41Iain41 Posts: 13
    Stupid question. My long handled pruner isn't working and I think the rope needs replaced. What kind of rope should I get, i think it's 3 ply nylon, but am not really sure.
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