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How to sow a wildflower meadow organically?

Hello 👋 

I have a large garden which has recently been landscaped using a large digger. The top soil has been removed from some areas and redressed. It appears all the grass and weeds have been killed by this process as only bare soil visible. The weather has been very wet so the soil is rather compacted and it is too late in the year to sow seed. 

What should we do next? 

I was thinking...

1. rotavate once weather improves in spring/ summer. Take to a fine tilth.
2.rake again once weed seedlings appear. Reappear as many times as necessary.
3. Sow native wildflower seed in autumn. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,007
    I suggest you have a read of this info from the RHS - as it describes preparation of the soil, choice of plants and sowing and care.
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