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Height of bed and adding compost/mulch etc

Wilson73Wilson73 Posts: 136
Hi folks I hope thsi question doesnt sound odd,but I have taken a metre off the front of my lawn and made a flower bed,a pavement borders my flower bed.The soil is level with the flower bed and I can't reduce the height of the soil any further as the other side faces my lawn and then the lawn edge would look too deep and stupid then.It's looks fine as it is but it's made me wonder if I add compost once a year is that going to end up as a huge mound spilling on to the pavement.Do I need to add a layer of compost each year or can I avoid it?


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,682
    Another factor is what plants you want to grow. There is a big variation in the level of soil fertility needed for different plants. If you just need to top up nutrients then something like 6X would be a low volume option.
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,329
    When you add mulch, the mulch from previous years should be already rotted down. If you add a little bit every year, the level stays the same, more or less. And it isn't needed to add something every year, it depends on the plants grown and on reasons for mulching/soil improvement.
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