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Hanging Pitcher Plant

Not sure if this is the correct section for this but here goes.
A few months ago I brought a Pitcher plant which came in a plastic hanging pot and looked awful

So I decided to do something about it. I got some chicken wire 

and put a layer of moss on it.

Then removing the plant from the pot and place it on the moss covered wire.

Bringing them both round the plant. Then tying some string on it to hang it up.

I think you'll agree this looks much better.


  • Looks a lot better but pitcher (nepenthes) plants need warmth and humidity.
    Have you got a place inside that the plant can have these conditions?
    We grow orchids and used to have some nepenthes plants but they never developed as they should.
    Still lovely plants.
    We also grow other pitcher plants (sarracenia) and they are hardier and brilliant at catching flies in the summer.
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