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Free mini propagator

Free mini home propagator, simply nip in to Tesco and buy a 4 pack of their stunning lattice mince pies, no need to eat the pies if you don't like them, but the box can be used as a mini propagator. I filled this today with wet sand and managed to find 4 clematis with new growth which I have taken cuttings from, closed the lid and placed the box on a shady windowsill over a radiator. Clematis Jean Cumpston, tibetana ssp.vernayi, huchouensis and montana Mayleen all had active new growth and have been used.  Can be used for lots of different plants. Just a bit of fun to brighten these dreary times.


  • I used clear yogurt pots on my small square pots for my lavender and rosemary cuttings this summer, so they were both well drained and kept just damp enough. Got 100% successful rooting by  sitting them on a gravel tray.
    Veg trays from the SM, with or without holes, make useful small seed trays if you don't need too many plants of one variety, or mini gravel trays for small spaces or to provide different conditions for different plants, or just to contain small groups of pots to make it easy to move them around.
  • I prefer the raspberry turnovers from Asda, but only two sections in the tray.  I Use these to start seeds off on windowsill, that’s my excuse anyway. 

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    We often get muffins from the supermarket, and it's the same packaging. I've used them for cuttings quite often too  :)

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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