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Dictamnus Albus var. Purpurea from Cutting

I'm hoping someone more familiar with taking cuttings can help me with this. I took some cuttings from my gas plant this year and two of them have new growth and have (I think) struck successfully but the roots are still very itty bitty and I'm worried our harsh winters here in Michigan might kill them off. But I don't have a greenhouse or a cold frame. I've got them in a plastic drink cup with a lid to retain moisture and now they're in my house. But we're having a mild week this week, weatherwise, and I'm wondering if they'd do better if I were to go ahead and plant them out? Or maybe plant the cup into the ground for the winter so as not to disturb the roots? Or would I do better just to keep them inside? Really not sure how best to get them through the winter. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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