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What is this tree/plant?

Hi, I just purchased a new house and as shown on the picture there is this tree/plant/bush (not sure what it is) screening the house at the back of the garden. The garden is already small, and this takes about a meter at the back. Does anyone know what it is and if I can prune the bottom of it to get more garden while allowing it to continue to grow at the top to screen the building at the back. Any advice would be really appreciated? 


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,056
    Not sure, Rachel may well be right, but a closer photo of a branch to show the growth pattern and shape of the leaves would help. You could certainly prune off lower branches to allow more light in there and perhaps plant some spring bulbs, maybe ground cover and shade-tolerant plants, but the roots will be fairly extensive so you will be limited by that. Talking of shade, does it get any direct sun?
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