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The Chilean Lantern Tree ?

I wonder if anyone can help me please ?
I was watching Beechgrove Repotted on Sun 01/11 and the plant in my Mums garden I didn't know the name of I think was featured - the Chilean Lantern Tree - but I can't find anything about it on the RHS website and for some reason when Goggling I'm getting moved to Bing, and I stop at that point as I don't know what Bing is.  
Can anyone send me a link to the above tree please so I can see a photo and see if it's what I think is in the garden. Thank you !!! :)


  • You need to sort out your web browser ;) 

    Here's the RHS page: 
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,152
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    Bing is the Microsoft web search engine/browser which they are pushing people to use.  Handy to have as an alternative in my case as Pinterest no longer works for me on Google Chrome and I do, very occasionally, find something of interest n Pinterest.

    If you like Google, go to Settings on your PC and tell it you want Google as your default search engine then re-boot your PC and it should be fine.
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  • Thank you Obelixx !
    I did wonder why the P was now coming up on certain things I viewed.  I really appreciate you letting me know this.  Best wishes, x 
  • Hello Amancalledgeorge :) 
    I appreciate this.  I was putting Chilean Lantern Tree in the RHS search bar and it didn't like it.  My brain also kicked in and I watched Beechgrove again and found it's proper name too.  I'm so pleased and grateful for the help of you and Obelixx.  Although what is my web browser ? is it whether I use Google or Safari or Bing etc ? I appreciate you may not have time/energy to respond though... 
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