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Cactus Advice needed

Good morning
I have had this cactus for at least 10 years. I have never repotted it and it looks  very unhealthy with brown patches. I would like to start taking care of it as it was a gift from a now deceased family member.

I am moving into a smaller apartment and would like to remove one of the baby offshoots and repot it to keep.
Is it possible to do this, and how?
Also does anybody know the breed of cactus so I can do some further research on its care?
Thank you  



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,080
    The cleanest looking stem in picture 4 , or in the foreground on picture 5  looks like your best option for propagation .
    You can remove the stem at the base with a sharp knife ; then leave the unpotted stem to callous over for at least several weeks in a cool dry environment . You may even notice adventitious roots developing from the base .
    Repot in a gritty growing medium in the brightest possible position ( g/house is best) !My own plant of this species stays in an unheated g/house (very hardy if bone dry Oct-April) .
    Forgot to mention , look up Cleistocactus strausii var. jujuyensis . (Argentinian sp.)
    I believe the latest taxonomy dictates that Echinopsis nothohyalacanthus is now used for this plant ; personally I prefer the old name !! ;)
    Good luck with it !

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