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hello , my Mrs has just been given these two shrubs , we are just wondering what type , so we can find out what height they will grow ,many thanks in advance .


  • They look like pittosporum. First one might be Cratus, the second one Variegatum. Not absolutely sure though.
  • Thanks pitter-patter 
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,738
    Pittosporum can eventually become trees that are several metres high, but this takes years, and they can be trimmed regularly to keep them small.  We cut most of ours into formal shapes (nothing too complex, just domes and columns).  They lend themselves quite well to this, although they still look good if left to their natural shape.

    Yours look quite leggy, so they might benefit from an overall trim to reduce their height, and this will force them to become more dense and bushy.  
  • Thanks ill give them a trim before planting 
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