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Cistus rock rose

I have 2 white ones in the ground, ladybird larvae love it there. The shrubs are doing well, have to be pruned back quite a bit.

I also have a pink one from cuttings quite a few years old now but it’s been in a pot and the shape isn’t so good as it’s flopped over to one side. I’ve just put it into the ground. However as it doesn’t mind drought conditions, would it be better to keep it in a pot again?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,590
    It will do better in the ground, unless your soil is heavy clay.
  • Thanks fidgetbones, I’ll leave it in the ground and see how much it goes. Great for pollinators so hope it suits the orchard side. I’ll try some more more cuttings for a pot or two.
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