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Hi Everyone

We have a double glazed porch on our house.  It is south facing.  In the summer it gets quite hot but we do have windows to open for ventilation.  In the winter it is quite a cold space (no heating)  and it is a main entry to the house so can be draughty too.
We would love to have some plants in there but not sure what would be suitable.  
Any recommendations would be great.. 



  • B3B3 Posts: 25,175
    We have a similar porch and now I use it as a greenhouse for some tender plants.
    In the past, I would have cyclamen or pansies or solanum. You can also keep trailing geraniums going too and some osteospermun will carry on flowering. You can also use pot grown tete a tete or hyacinths later in the year
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  • A lot of things that want to be protected from snow or hard frost but hate central heating should do really well there. If it's dark then you might need to move them outside in the summer months--hardening them off gently. All kinds of pelargoniums will do well and you could try ones with scented leaves to make your porch smell lovely. Agapanthus might also be happy. I had a house with an unheated conservatory and one thing that did well was the hardier forms of orchid. Nowadays I have less room but in my unheated room in front of french windows I have Clivia miniata and Schlumbergera, the Christmas cactus. I pop them in the garden in the summer.
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