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New Fuschia - empty pot ?

Thea these were tiny plug plants that came free - I wasn’t expecting them and so I popped them in this trough - however I think they will die back - as I would like to put something for Spring - is it too late as I will disturb the young plants - I just don’t know what to do to avoid an empty pot for a long time ? 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,114
    I don't think you have the depth in there for anything bigger than crocuses really but those fuchsias are perennial and will need more space next year so think about taking them in to a sheltered spot - cool, well lit porch? - and putting some small bulbs or winter heathers in your troughs.  
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  • Thank you - should I remove the fuschias and repot ? They seem so happy 
  • They aren't the hardy kind, so may not survive the winter if the weather is unkind in any way. They look very pretty so it would be a shame to lose them.
    You could have them as houseplants for a while and try to find somewhere to keep them safe until the spring. They will need cutting back then and feeding and they will grow bigger and better. :)
  • Thank you Buttercupdays
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