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What to do with hebe cutting

I was given two hebe rhubarb and custard cuttings in the summer and although I nipped out the tops they aren't doing very much. They are producing new growth low down the stem but not really bushing into a bush shape. I think it's one of the slower-growing hebes but I'm just wondering if I should do something else with them.
The tip I took off one is growing ok after I just stuck it in a pot, but I'm concerned that the original cuttings are leggy and not bushy. If I cut the bigger one back by half will that just harm it?
Any thoughts welcome as ever, thanks 


  • @philippasmith2 what would be best to use? They are in the pots they came in, though that's not to say the donor was an expert! 
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,789
    They are trying to bush out but it's too late in the year to expect much from them now.
    If they were mine I would leave cutting back until the spring, but clear the moss and weeds from the tops of the pots, add a bit of compost if that leaves the hebe roots exposed, and top dress with a bit of grit or fine gravel  to deter regrowth of moss etc. Then keep them somewhere sheltered and out of the worst of the rain over winter (in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse if you have one, to keep them reasonably dry and protected from frosts). They're not very hardy and I notice you're up in Scotland.
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  • Thanks, will do that and put them in the greenhouse.  I was going to leave them out but on a sheltered verandah on the front of the shed, but it makes sense to be cautious. 
    I've got other hebes but they are more vigorous growers and some self-seeded ones I lifted into pots survived last winter and are now in the ground. This one is much slower but I guess I can now give them a helping hand :) 
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