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Free bird food!



  • Hi WillowBark, my purple agastache turned up unannounced a few years ago, pops up everywhere now! Bog standard variety I expect.
    Thank you Fairygirl and Wibble. Sometimes I just get lucky with photos, generally have to delete 50 just to get good one!
    And fidgetbones - I only cutback plants that turn slimy. 
    I once tried nyjer josusa47 and it was also ignored. Had a lotty for 10 years so know all about veggie failures! Apart from the biggest culprit pigeons did you know ducks love strawberries and moorhens suck the seeds out low growing tomatoes! And I also a problem with teasel offspring. Eventually you'll win!
  • @tulipmania Fair enough, thank you for letting me know! I will have a look online and see if I can source some from somewhere.
  • goldfinches love the seeds of verbena bonariensis  -   I have seen up to sixteen on it. 
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