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Potting on Cistus (purpureus & corbariensis)

BigladBiglad East LancashirePosts: 2,484
Apologies - no photos at the minute. Yesterday I braved the outside world to visit the local garden centre to spend some vouchers that my sister kindly gave me. Always wanting to get more bang for my buck, I spent a tenner of them on the sad-looking chaps hidden out the back. Mix and match - 5 perennials. Amongst these are two cistus plants that need potting on. They are currently in pots 12cms in diameter, 10 cms depth. I should've invested in some pots  :o but only have a limited number available. Does 15 cms diameter x 14 cms depth sound about right as their winter homes?


  • BigladBiglad East LancashirePosts: 2,484
    Photos of the two cistus below. Is the general rule of thumb (;)) that you pot on to a pot a fingers width bigger around the circumference (2-3cms bigger diameter)?

  • BigladBiglad East LancashirePosts: 2,484
    Well they were definitely too big for the pots they were in  :o Needed a bit of persuading to get out due to the roots that had grown through the bottom. Will the extra couple of cms be enough for them to be happy through the winter?
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