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Greetings, we have moved into a new house in Welligton, Herefordshire, which has a decent sized garden and patio areas(1/3rd acre or maybe a bit more). I am new to gardening and would welcome any advice on garden design - what software (preferably) free do folk recommend for an amateur gardner hoping to design their first garden? Help!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,136
    This comes up quite often and the conclusion is usually none.

    The most important things are to know which way your garden faces as that will determine how much sun each part gets and thus what plants will be happiest.  You also need to know what kind of soil you have - builders rubble, clay, sandy, loamy, chalky, acid, well-drained, moist and how much rainfall and wind exposure you have as these will also determine what range of plants you can grow.

    It also helps to have a list of things you absolutely need, would like to have one day when budget allows and what style you would like.  Eg:-

    Terrace for seating/dining/relaxing, grass, shed, greenhouse, potting area, cold frames, greenhouse, compost, recycling bins, veggies, herbs, flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit, perfume, colour, informal, cottage style, modern, minimalist, jungle, prairie, pond, wildlife refuge, safe for children.

    Then have a noodle around sites like Pinterest to look for garden designs that inspire you and start drawing it up to scale on paper.

    When you know about aspect and soil and have a list of features, ask again.

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    It's a question that pops up every now and broadly speaking, the answer generally seems to be - no, I'm afraid.

    Pencil and paper works - keeps it simple.
    I know Excel well and use that if I need something to print out for a project and it can do a reasonable job, but paper and pencil and a big eraser is what I use generally. It's cheap and I don't need to learn more software.

    I do recall a recent thread where a member made a recommendation though.

    If you click the link below, this will list all the forum questions and responses on the subject

    Sounds like a fantastic project you have ahead of you - best of luck
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    Obelixx and Pete.8 have nailed it icampbell59

    Glass of wine and a pencil and rubber and a bit of paper is the starting point.

    The better the imagination the better the results !

    I would love to see the progress so send us some pics

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