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Needing help with my poorly ginseng plant

Hello, folks 🌿

So about a month a go, I purchased a ginseng houseplant from Ikea. Taking care of it was easy enough but I started to notice dropping leaves. In the beginning, I attributed this to new climate since they tend to be sensitive to change. I’d made sure I’d given it an adequate amount of water and sunlight without overburdening it. However, the leaf fall has persisted through out the entire month. Now, I’m noticing brown patches on some of the leaves, tiny spots of white on some of the branches and leaves and a little stickiness on one of the leaves. And this morning, upon closer look, pests (gasp!). Can anyone advise me on how I might possibly fix whatever issues my plant seems to be having and get rid of these nasty pests??

Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!


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