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Daisy type combination for sunny bed

I love Rudbekia Deamii and Echinacea which flower late summer, what similar daisy type flowers coukd I grow in the same bed to have some earlier flowers so I have continued flowering time. I grow calendula for it annually too and have just planted some white Japanese anenomes at the back of bed as it is shady.Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,139
    If the soil is free draining, Anthemis Tinctoria 'E C Buxton' and Coreopsis Verticillata 'Moonbeam' make nice mid summer clumps. Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum x Superbum should do fine in decent soil.
  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 349
    Daisy type flowers generally like plenty of sun, but Asters are more tolerant, and late flowering, so would combine well with your other two.
  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 349
    Sorry I misread you post - I thought you said "shade". You can still grow Asters but with the sun the choice is much wider. Personally I like Argyanthemums ( a type of Chrysanth). Single Dahlias ie . Bishop of Llandaff ( not the poshy types) are also good.
  • Thanks for al, the suggestions,I have some asters so coukd divide some in the spring.
  • OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 32
    I know you specified daisies, but since you mentioned planting Japanese Anemones I wondered if you had considered planting some of the Spring or Late spring/Early summer flowering Anemones as well? 


    Anemone blanda & Anemone coronaria 
  • No I hadn’t,good idea.
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