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Wildflowers in Winter

Hello everyone!

I grew some wildflowers on a corner of the back lawn this summer which did unbelievably well; I surprised myself. Now that summer is over, a fair few are still flowering but it is all looking a little haggered generally.

What should I do with them for winter? 

Dig them out when finished and get a new packet of seeds for next year?

Repot as many as possible and keep them in the greenhouse?

Unsure what to do now :/


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,708
    I would leave them until the frosts knock them back., Then just trim off the tops.  Scatter fresh seed in March.  There looks  to be  dahlia there. That either need a mulch of compost or lifting if it has tubers beneath.
  • Leave them to do their own thing as they would in the wild. I have some in my garden too, and am pleased to say many of them have seeded successfully from last year.
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  • Forgot to say that the the plan was to put that area back to grass so I do need to move them at some point. I just didn't know if I should dig them and pot them now, or leave it until spring etc.
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