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2020 garden failures.........

Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
I'll start........................I've actually had loads but the one that really irks me is, I planted 16 sunflowers in the garden, all at least 12" tall.........not 1 survived the slugs!!


  • SlumSlum Posts: 385
    Tomatoes. I didn’t have much compost so bulked it out with some 1 year old rotted manure. Turns out it had weed killer residue in it and the tomatoes all died 😢
  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
    edited October 2020
    Liatris spicata.  Planted about 20.  Sum total of 0 came up.
  • gjautosgjautos Posts: 427
    My mature honeysuckle died. Probably a lack of water! Had hardly any plums this year, possibly the same lack of water. My iceberg rose was very sporadic in its flowering this year, all my other roses were fine😟. My tayberries were non existent (bloomin birds!) And hardly any blackberrries (bloomin kids!😂) i could go on....
  • Seeds - of 400 Aubretia....9. Berkheya purpurea 0 of 10, Anchusa capensis 'Blue Angel' 0 of 25. I'm off seeds.
    Cuttings Osteospurmum - first 8 complete failure (allegedly so easy!) but looks like I'm getting there now. Getting there slowly refining my technique with others.....
  • Pam285Pam285 Posts: 122
    My apple tree, seems to have gone into bi annual fruiting. None this year and only 3 last year. Cucumbers and melons. Former was very bitter. Latter never really took off. Sunflowers planted out about 12 only 1 flowered. 
    Saltaire, West Yorkshire
  • Sazz101Sazz101 Posts: 245
    12 Butternut squash seeds = 6 (very prolific) plants = 1 squash 😭
  • Sweet Peas! Not a single embarrassing! 
  • sarinkasarinka Posts: 270
    I still have not had to time to go and get a water butt. 

    My passionflower won't stop growing and outgrowing its supports.

    I did not to get nerine bulbs last winter and now am envying my neighbours' ones. And I still can't find any!
  • GrasslyGrassly Posts: 66
    edited October 2020
    Cherry tomatoes, a waste of time (I've binned the little green marbles now, and being newish to gardening I am kicking myself as I bought the plant so didn't even have the satisfaction of trying to grow from seed.
    MontysGal said:
    Sweet Peas! Not a single embarrassing! 
    I have just potted some seeds of these for the first time, any idea what went wrong?

  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,682
    Just look at the weather we had - no wonder some things dipped below hopes and expectations. There were late frosts, an extremely wet winter, the warmest, sunniest, driest spring on record and the some very strong winds in mid summer. 

    I want to blame the weather and God for my miserable crop of cauliflowers but his finger is pointing at me. Also pear rust destroyed the crop on both of my pear trees and, as usual, it was Squirrels 211 Sig.Cotto 3 when it came to the plums.
    Rutland, England
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