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Fig tree

What should I do in regards to pruning my fig tree? No fruit this year, I only discovered it buried in a pot early this year and its grown to this from nothing really, no idea how long it's been there, its a new houseno


  • B3B3 Posts: 27,331
    If you plant it in the ground it will get HUGE. It depends on how much space you have.
    You can keep them to a reasonable size in a large container if your space is limited, but they need an awful lot of water in the growing season.
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  • It looks as though it was planted in the ground in a pot, when I found it there were huge stumps that makes me think it had got to big and been cut back to a stump, the roots had gone through the pot 
  • Some like to create a little enclosure in the ground made out of paving slabs in order to restrict the roots...wonder if it's worth trying to dig out the pot while it's dormant and then to replant it in a restricted area, or a large pot. As they tend to perform better with a bit of root restriction and are easier to look after. But there's the inherent danger if it's too established as it seems to be the case. 
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  • Thank you all for the advise 👍
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