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  • SophieKSophieK Wimbledon, LondonPosts: 242
    As a beginner, I wish I had known about this forum sooner for all the good advice you receive.
    I can only echo the research and the « right plant, right place » but to me it’s definitely the soil preparation and enrichment that made a huge difference from the first bed I made to the last I created.

    I started from scratch last autumn and started with small trees and shrubs both evergreen (camellia, azalea, magnolia grandiflora, viburnum davidii and even lavender) and deciduous (cercis canadensis forest pansy, cornus kousa, syringa, sambucus nigra black lace, hydrangea, buddleja etc.), and for flowers it was anemones for Fall and hellebores for Winter.

    In spring I planted bulbs (gladioli, ranunculus) and pretty much any perennials that both pollinators and I liked.

    As summer went, having acquired more knowledge, I became more ambitious and planted the borders in the other part of the garden with exotic and tropical plants. I cannot love cannas, ensete maurelii, and salvias more.

    It’s been hard work but a huge amount of fun, joy and pleasure. The garden is literally bursting with foliage and blooms.

    I did mistakes early on (soil preparation for one), and I have moved a few shrubs earlier this month to happier spots and for better design. I am sure it’s not the last time I will swap and change as I learn. 

    My mind is now turning to propagating and overwintering, words I did not know a year ago ☺️

    I envy you, all the joy of creating a garden to come! Have fun!
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,404
    If you stay in a house long enough, you often get fed up of areas of the garden and rip it out and change it anyway, so don't worry too much   ;)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Pragmatic advice is also to visit your garden centre every month of the year to see what's looking good.Hard advice to follow but don't buy too many at once as they'll probably all flower at the same time and then you'll be left with nothing .Don't plant too closely as they won't grow well and just watch them growing.Learn by observation.Most of all enjoy yourself and don't feel bad if you make mistakes.We all do!😉
    Good luck!
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