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help needed for tomato plant



  • thank you strelitzia32. I don't blame you for questioning the seriousness of the post! As a friend has said, it does rather raise questions about the hygiene of scourers!

    This is the lamp I bought from Amazon:

    I think the main thing I'm likely to need to worry about is the heat. I have problems maintaining a constant heat in this house, which now it's getting cold, I shall be dealing with. Would it be best to bring the plant in from the window at night, bearing in mind that I don't get up anywhere as early as the sun does? :)

    I'm not sure exactly when I first noticed it, but my first picture, when it just had its original two leaves, showing a need for chlorophyll, was taken on July 6th, and the first picture I have of it in its pot was on August 1st. And yesterday, October 16th, I repotted it.
    The reason the stalk is quite near the edge of the pot is that the main root between the root ball and the stalk was quite crooked, and in order to get it in fairly centrally, this was all I could do.

    The world's toughest seed? I wonder if I could interest the Guinness Book of Records people?!

    But this one might take some beating!

  • thank you philippasmith2. that's interesting. I'm fascinated to know what type of tomato it is, but I suppose we know that until at least when it flowers, or even bears fruit.

    Re Trump, it could be said by some that that would be a very useful purpose for him!
  • Fire said:
    I imagine the scourer was left on the side, not in use. You can grown beans and cress in kitchen paper, so it seems fairly fine to growing a tom seedling on a foam pad. Maybe the OP has found and new approach and should patent it asap.

    Yes it was left on the side. We used to grow cress that way in primary school, and we "churned" our own butter and had cress sandwiches on the school playing fields!
  • I'm very sorry I left it so long to reply, only I'm not always here that much, and I had a busy week. My tomato seems to be doing pretty well so far. :)
  • He/she obviously appreciates your efforts  ;)
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,310
    Good to see a feature on Gardeners' World yesterday (30th Oct 2020) on growing happy, fruiting tomatoes and chillies in the bathroom. @colmruhpBr6U

  • I didn't see the programme but I like the concept......anything that stops you seeing the full beauty of your face first thing in the morning has to be a good thing  :D
  • thank you Fire and philippasmith2. I'm sorry, again, I've not been here much for a while, been working on my bathroom, funnily enough! I did a search for "tomato in bathroom", and I found loads of articles about tomatoes, then I realised you meant the programme, so I shall watch it now. The plant is pretty tall, but it has lost some lower leaves, and the flower it had never amounted to much. I'm keeping it watered, so I'm thinking it's light it needs. I'm going to have another go at making that grow lamp work, then it can go in the boiler cupboard over the winter, where it's quite warm.

    phillipasmith2, I'm sure that's not true, but you could always move your mirror! :)
  • ok, it's time to admit, you are dealing with an idiot here! There's nothing wrong with the lamp, I just had to plug it in! I thought plugging it in would charge it, but it doesn't! Anyway, so there are different brightness settings (not actually calibrated) and three colour settings, red, blue, and red & blue. And the timer can be for 3, 9 or 12 hours a day.
    Any suggestions as to settings gratefully received. Many thanks.
  • I hate to say it but I'd give up with the Tomato for now.  He's not going to do much of any use.
    You could cut him back and keep him in a bright frost free place over winter and just enough water to keep the stem going.  Come Spring and the warmer temperatures, you can gradually give him more water and with any luck, he will put on new growth.  You can either leave him to grow or use any side shoots to make cuttings. Toms are really perennial plants but not this side of the equator.
    As to the light settings, maybe a new post on the Tools and Techniques thread will bring forth some answers ?  Worth a try anyway.
    "You could always move your mirror " -  :D
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