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Angel Wings

JillusJillus Posts: 10
As a gardening newbie I am amazed that this fantastic plant has done so well with little input from me! Can anyone advise me how to keep it happy and healthy over winter. Does it require to be put into a greenhouse or will it survive ok as it is? 


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Yours has flowers! I keep mine outside all year after keeping the first in the living room as I thought the winter weather would ruin it. As you have flowers I might be inclined to give it a bit of shelter until they came out, just to see what they were like. Mine haven't flowered so far and are enormous. One thing which I do to them, is to remove dead leaves before they have the opportunity to get sodden and go mouldy. When they are dry and like cardboard they pull away easily. Keeping the centre airy is, I believe a good plan. They do seem to be a lot tougher than they look. I will leave mine outside unless we get a really bad spell of weather.
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 740
    Mine are in the ground so have been kept out over the winter. They have thrived and in fact, I had to thin them out as they spread well and were taking over somewhat. I'm not as far north as you, being in Yorkshire, but I think your plant will thrive quite happily.
  • Thanks for your advice on the Angel wings plant. I feel so much better Knowing I’m okay on what I thought would be best.
    It’s freezing outside so I will leave it in the cold greenhouse for now until spring. 
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