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Roof in school garden

Room4stpatsRoom4stpats Posts: 3
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Hello, we have a budget of €1000 to spend in our school garden and would like to create a seated area (for 10-15 children) with a roof. The first photo is the idea we are going for, the 2nd photo is our garden (badly) photoshopped with the roof attached to planks and the building. Picture 4 is the other idea of a standalone roof not attached to the building. Can anyone recommend a better idea or give me a rough idea of how much this would cost? I plan to buy 4 picnic benches to put under it (picture 3)


  • WilderbeastWilderbeast Posts: 1,415
    @Room4stpats are you providing labour for free or hiring in ? I do this sort of job and £1000 would be nearly the depending on size. 
  • We'll be constructing it ourselves 
  • WilderbeastWilderbeast Posts: 1,415
    You should be able to do it easily then 
  • Take a look at car port kits.

    Your picnic tables will add further £600-1000 if you want robust ones, but I am sure you know that.
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  • Ferdinand2000Ferdinand2000 Posts: 537
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    PS You may need planning permission as it is used by members of the public, or does the Euro sign indicate that this is outside the UK?
    “Rivers know this ... we will get there in the end.”
  • Thanks for the car port tips, that would be just what we need. Some are quite expensive though. We are not UK. Any other suggestions are welcome!
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