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Plant ID x 2!

PegathaPegatha Posts: 88
Hi, me again... I went to the garden centre earlier and picked up these two pretty little things... I’ve no idea what they are though! One looks like maybe some kind of tradescantia? Anyone help? Thank you 😊


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,408
    First one possibly a peperomia ? (spelling)
  • Bee witchedBee witched Posts: 1,169
    Top one looks like Peperomia 'Napoli Nights.

    No idea about the other one, sorry.

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  • PegathaPegatha Posts: 88
    That’s the one! Thanks so much 😊
  • dmcedmce Posts: 10
    Could the second one be a jade plant (crassula ovata)?
  • PegathaPegatha Posts: 88
    It does look similar to jade in the photo but the leaves aren’t as chubby! 
  • The second one looks like Portulacaria afra (the food of elephants!), but it’s hard to tell from the pic’s downward angle. PAs are leggy compared to jades, with a larger gap between the nodes/leaves and as you say, the latter are more dainty. The stems can also be redder than crassula o. You’ve snagged yourself an elegant succulent if that’s what it is.

  • PegathaPegatha Posts: 88
    Oooh it could be! I will have to wait ‘til it’s grown a bit before I can be sure, but it does look promising... thanks!
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