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Is This Baby Calathea Dying Please?


It's been a while. I am having some issues with one of my Calathea plants. I do know through lots of research and advice how particular they are to look after. I got this particular plant from an auction site and it had 3 or 4 small leaves on it at the time, this was sometime around the start of Spring this year. Shortly after I set it down, it got attacked by spider mites and lost a couple of leaves.
Since then I have tried to keep it pest free and misted, as well as protecting it from full sun and dehydration, (placed over a tray of wet pebbles) I also know how not to over-water them. Over the last few months it has sprouted a couple of new leaves, one of them a slightly larger one, but last week that leaf went pale and then died meaning the entire loss of the primary stem. Now there are only two baby leaves left and apparently one more coming up in between them. These leaves don't look so good however, and so I was wondering if any of you could tell me what this plant is likely to do over winter? Will it even make it that far?

Thanks for reading and here is a picture below:

Thank you once again,



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,846
    *Bump*  :)
  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 61
    Thank you AnniD
  • I would say you have done quite well :)
    I have a full size plant and despite misting, gravel, careful watering and a North facing window in a quiet location (no draughts!) well away from a radiator, it still only looks really happy under a polythene bag... You could try the ICU treatment for yours and see if it helps?
  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 61
    Hi Buttercupdays,
    I never even knew that you could do that, but it does make sense in terms of providing a really humid environment.
    It might help save it.
    Thanks very much for this advice.

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