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Plant ID request please.

I managed a few hours outside earlier and rediscovered a couple of freebies from earlier this year. A complete long shot this one I’m afraid. I have a couple of Potted plants created I think from rooted cuttings. These were Given to me earlier this year with no information about what they are. I have no information to offer any of you other than the photographs taken this afternoon. Do these look familiar to anyone? I would ideally like to find out what they are before planting them out, to avoid any mistakes!

These plants both stand about 12” high plus the pots, to give an idea of size.
 Any advice gratefully received.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    It looks like Coronilla Glauca. They don't like cold and heavy damp soils, so best planted against a warm southerly wall into free draining soil.  I think it's best to keep them in the container for the winter and then plant out next year. They still look a bit small.
  • Thanks for the advice @Borderline at least I now have an ID. I will wait until spring before planting out now. 
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