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Roses in pots

I successfully grown 4 rose cuttings - now about 3 months old. I will be going away for 11 days next week and the pots are already very wet due to recent heavy rain.  I am concerned that they will get waterlogged if it we get significant rain while I am away. 
I have considered putting the pots in my shed - there is a shelf at window height. What do you think?
Also - why does one plant look a bit under par (the other looks healthier.)
Pics attached - also of the blooms from the mother plant and shed. I keep the window open slightly. 
Photos to follow as this text keeps disappearin!


  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,326
    What do you use a your growing medium? You should use a mix that drains well enough even after days of heavy rain. Otherwise your roses will struggle long term. Putting them somewhere out of the rain is short term solution only.
  • I used an all purpose good quality potting compost.
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,326
    Every compost is different, some are more moisture-retentive than others. After moving to Wales, I've learnt the hard way that some composts stay too soggy over winter or when we have a lot of rain and need to be mixed with something (perlite etc.) to drain better. Putting pots on stands or just slightly higher up helps too.
    You need to check your mix to see if it drains OK or if it is a soggy mud.
  • I have put the pots in the shed for the time being. They drained ok in ‘normal’ weather. It’s just exceptionally wet at the moment. I’m reluctant to disturb the roots by re-potting in a more gritty compost.
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