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Fungus / mushrooms on tree stump

This fungus appeared on the stump of a eucalyptus tree (cut down 2 years ago) in the last few days. Should I be worried - will it do its thing and go away, or should I remove it somehow? Also on the stump of an old apple tree nearby.


  • Can we have a close-up of an individual mushroom, preferably from the side so we can see the cap and whole 'stem' please (you will have to carefully pick one)?  The colour and fact that it is on more than one stump suggests there is a possibility that it is Honey Fungus which can spread to and infect both dead and living shrubs and trees, in which case you would be best to have the stumps removed completely.  However, if it isn't that particular fungus, there is nothing to worry about and it won't spread to other plants, so correct identification is crucial and you may be best to look for a local expert to assess.
    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.

  • Thanks Bob! I wondered if it might be the dreaded HF. Are these pics more helpful?
  • It does look like the honey fungus that grows on my old eucalyptus stump.
    If it is, and I can't be sure, then here are my thoughts:

    1) it's best to pick it young, and boil it before frying it, and be aware that some people might have a reaction, get ill and die etc, though I've not had a problem yet.

    2) Panic ye not! There are quite a variety of honey fungus, with different preferred trees and shrubs. Having honey fungus on a stump does not necessarily mean that you have to spray the county with agent orange, employ nuclear devices, set fire to your garden or take other drastic measures. It's also worth bearing in mind that fungus generally prefers dead or dying vegetation, so is less likely to damage healthy shrubs and trees. It might be worth having a google on honey fungus species...
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