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  • @rachelQrtJHBjb
    Yes, it is actually gorgeous, sometimes have to pinch myself! I grew up in Cambridge, which is as flat as a pancake, so very different. How about where you are? 
    I will try at the garden centre, thanks for the suggestion, the closest one is a while away, but hopefully they will know, thanks for the suggestion 😊
  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 814
    @English_girl_in_France I'm in South Bucks so we have the Thames Valley to the south and the Chilterns to the north. 
  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,247
    That's good. Bon Chance.  As a former coach driver, I've passed that way en route to Chamonix from London.
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