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Red Robin Trees


I have Red Robin tress with thin trunks that give some screening.  I think they are about 2-3 years old now.

The are not very thick (bushy) does anyone know if they will get any thicker and if they will spread out any further?  
Should i be pruning them, and how often and how to do it :smiley:


  • It's probably a trick of the angle...but that bed looks tiny for such mature plants. They would seriously struggle to get enough water and nutrition. 
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    It's hard to tell from the picture but it looks as if they're planted in a narrow trough/raised bed. Is it open to the soil underneath? If not, they probably won't be able to grow as much as they would in the ground (particularly the one that looks as if it's on top of the paving slabs).
    You can prune them if you want to keep them as lollopop shapes, but it would be best to wait until next year now because pruning can stimulate new young growth, which at this time of year wouldn't have time to mature and harden up before winter, so would be prone to frost damage.
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  • Thanks for the updates.

    Yes the are in narrow beds but they spread into the soil, apart from the one with the paving slab, but that bed is double the size due to being on the corner and is the best performing tree out the lot.

    For the soil, the sun doesnt hit it but gets a lot of rain and is usually damp/swampy down the back of the garden.  During the summer when no rain i did water them every few days and fed them once or twice.
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