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Physocarpus - lady in red and little angel

Hi. Hope you are well and keeping safe. 

We bought 2 shrub plants approximately 3 weeks ago. We watered and planted them in the ground temporarily in their pots.  We have a cherry laurel that has a tendency to take over and trying to remove it.  The plants are wilting. We water them regularly. Can you please offer advice. 

Blessings to you 


  • Are you saying you have them in their pots, but sunk into the ground?  Personally, I would either plant them in the ground, or if this is not possible, keep the pots above ground until you decide where you want to plant them.  Pots need more watering than plants that are planted in the ground, and in my experience I never remember to water pots that are sunken in the ground often enough, as the pots are mostly invisible.  I don't use that method any more for temporary positioning of plants.

    Do you have a photo of them, so we can see how big they are in relation to the pots, and also in relation to the Cherry Laurel?
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