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Poppy plant identification

I have a question and I need an identification on some plants that I have growing in the woods in my neighborhood about five years ago  I planted over 1000 g of poppyseeds. I am recovered heroin addict and I put all that stuff behind me but I planted tons of poppyseeds in the woods in my neighborhood I live on a plantation. And I wanna walk in the woods the other day and found what looked like poppy pods growing on some very tall bushes. I am going to upload some pictures if I can have some assistance identifying what these plants are and if they are poppy and what species of puppies they are when I bought them they were Papaver Sonorivum and a lot of the pods that I have collected I took a few of them and busted the pot open and it seems like they’re dying here in South Carolina due to recent heat but since the weather is cooled down the pods are getting a lot bigger and very colorful flowers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated but the leaves on the plant look exactly like a lot of puppies I have seen online. And usually when bruised or pinched it does seem to excrete a form of opium. And again I am not trying to use the OPIum due to the medication I take but I do not want kids in the neighborhood to discover the plants and end up getting hurt so I would like to be able to identify these plans and possibly move them to a safer spot so they can grow in nature naturally so if big Pharma companies collapse in the near future there will be a source of opium for all the sick people that need opiates in their lives for pain management I cannot imagine this world without the poppies and would greatly appreciate any advice or directions and the certain species that are growing  and I’ve also had a few vines that seem to be Poppies by the inside of the pods and the tar excreted from the plants. 
I’ll upload some photos in about a hr it so. 


  • I’m going to go in about an hour after I clean my house and go for a walk and take pictures of a trail in my neighborhood in the woods where there are probably over 1000 of these plants growing and a lot of them have flowered already and produce the pod about the size of a bouncy ball and they are very gummy to the touch and sometimes have very beautiful purpleish white flowers. And the smell of them almost resembles the smell of heroin
  • In no way am I trying to use these puppies to abuse or anything like that I really like the harvest the poppyseeds and here in Charleston South Carolina there is a law called the poppyseed diet were producing poppies for the seeds to make poppyseed muffins is legal and was wondering if I can get some assistance here in about an hour to try to identify what I have growing and I actually have a few different looking strains 
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