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Identify this bush / plant please!

Hello, We've moved into a house with many weird and wonderful plants, most of which we don't recognise! I'm hoping someone can help identify this plant? It's a thorny bush, but has these 'fruits'. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Chaenomeles japonica, Japanese quince. The fruits are edible when really ripe and make a flavoursome jelly or jam. Has scarlet flowers in spring.
  • Oh, great, and thanks very much! It did have red flowers in the spring. Do you know when the fruits will ripen please?
  • Usually usable late autumn so any time onwards ... only suitable for cooking down into a jelly or to flavor game casseroles etc. They don’t ‘ripen’ for ‘eating’ as a fruit ... but they have a great flavor so are loved by cooks if the culinary quince Cydonia isn’t available. 

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  • Great, thanks so much.
  • With many varieties you can tell when they are ripe because the fruits have the most wonderful smell. But they stay hard.
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    Quince jelly is my favourite 'garden produce' jelly - sweet, perfumed, slightly citrus - difficult to describe but delicious with pate, chicken, pork and game. A large teaspoonful stirred into gravy is excellent. Easy to make - there's no need to peel or core the fruit - which is a bit of a chore because the fruit is so hard.

    I also peel, quarter, roughly slice and freeze some uncooked fruit. A few slices added to apple pie or crumble gives a lovely flavour - also nice added to game and pork casseroles.
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