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Comice tree - red spots


I've bought two comice (Doyenne Du Comice) two years ago. They are located on a south facing wall. I noticed that they have both developed red spots on the upper side of their leaves. On the under-side these spots are much more menacing looking.

Does anyone know what this is and what I can do about it?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 72,056
    edited September 2020
    That's pear rust.  Pick off the affected leaves and burn or bag and bin.  It's a strange fungus that spends the first part of its life on junipers and then on pear trees. 

    We get it on our pear but a neighbour felled their juniper last winter and we've had less pear rust this year. :)

    As long as you pick off the affected leaves and clear up any detritus on the ground to stop the spores accumulating, it seems not to affect the crop.  
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  • Thanks Dovefromabove.

    Will do that.
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