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Aceeeed or alkali , meters and things - moving an acer from a pot



  • Frankly, (as you know I live 2 roads away from you) I would leave it in the pot, or a pot.  All mine are in pots ericacious compost, light shade, because they are Japanese woodland plants, they also suffer wind damage, as you know we both live in windy *********, caused aparently, by the proximity of the South and sea.  lost several a few years back to windburn
  • South Downs, and the sea!!
  • steveTusteveTu Posts: 1,082
    Thanks for that - I'm a bit stuck for shade. Anyway, I bit the bullet and dug an 'ole (I had hoped to find a Saxon hoard, but got a QEII two pence piece instead) with Bernard Cribbins and stuck the acer in it. All composted and watered in well

    In case anyone else has those wooden 'trug' style planters and wants to get an established plant out - be wary - the soil/roots inside form a lip around the wooden sides at the bottom. Took me ages and lots of struggling to get the bloody thing out before I realised. Luckily the planter it was in had a removable bottom - so 2 minutes taking the bottom 'orf and a bit of pressing of the roots from under the rim, and it slipped out like a charm. Bit of a bad design really, if the sides went into a groove in the bottom bit, there wouldn't be an issue.

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  • We had a little "Japanese" area, on our patio, just added a ton of white chippings, in a corner of the patio which is slabs, with stone edging slabs  Hubby has removed everything, pergola with grape vine is going there, he moved (or tried to) of of the acers which is about a metre tall, the roots had gone right through the bottom of the pot, into the shingle, (there's no soil there) It has now been potted into a rather nasty green plastic pot, because it's all we had to hand.  Had a look around Staverton yesterday for decent pots
  • Hahaha @steveTu.... by the looks of your title to the thread i have a sneaky suspicion you were a raver back in the day like myself  :D
  • steveTusteveTu Posts: 1,082
    ....couldn't be further away from the truth... I never trusted myself with anything stronger than a pint of Harvey's. I was so shy that I thought I needed a pint to talk to anyone - and then after I had a pint, I always thought I was slurring my speech and talking rubbish (what's new there then?) so clammed up anyway! What a wasted youth I had....and twenties...and thirties....and  forties ... and .......
    What got me was after I did actually talk to someone and got married (she was obviously easily pleased), she said that she never knew when I'd had a bit tooooo much as I always sounded so normal and never slurred my speech. Bum - a  bit late to find that out...all those unsuspecting females were so lucky eh?

    UK - South Coast Retirement Campus (East)
  • @steveTu, I'm glad a lucky lady found you! The most attractive thing anyone can be is happy.... if you are everyone will want to join in.  No one in the world is completely confident,  everyone has a crutch of some kind... it wasn't until I got into my mid thirties that I felt really happy which is about the same time I stopped trying to fit in! Now in my mid forties im way past caring what anyone thinks,  if it's OK with me and the folk I respect then it's fine! I truly hope you spend the rest of your time making up for it and jump in with both feet! If you feel so inclined that is  :)
  • steveTusteveTu Posts: 1,082
    Confidence is an odd thing ...toooo much and you become an a*** anyway eh?
    Don't get me wrong - I had a brilliant life - I organised so much and had some amazing friends and acquaintances along the way and was comfortable being 'me'. AND if I hadn't been as I was, I would never have eventually met my wife and had the kids I have - so all worked out just grand. You have to be comfortable in your own skin don't you?

    UK - South Coast Retirement Campus (East)
  • @steveTu your absolutely right! Over confidence is probably also an act! 
    Our path leads us to where we are now and like you say,  I wouldn't have met my amazing hubby if I hadn't kissed a couple of frogs and made some mistakes along my road. 
    I've never felt like I fit in and now I realise I don't want to! If I need to interact with the general public I tend to put a mask of confidence on until I can get home and take it off again!
  • Steve your garden obviously goes the same direction as ours.  We do have one Acer planted in our clay soil, which is doing absolutely fine.Mind they do then get HUGE.  Our last houses we planted one which was about 18 inches tall, after 10 years, it was over 10 feet!  Shame we couldn't have brought it with us.  I gather the new owner ripped everything out, the trees,shrubs,roses
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